My culinary trip to Mexico

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I hope that we are all doing great this festive season? Cannot begin to wrap my fingers around the fact that we are a few weeks shy of 2018! (Well I can, but it’s just a tad bit overwhelming).  😀

I was out one Sunday on what I’d call my ‘foodie runs’ to a new Mexican restaurant. For my Kenyan food enthusiasts I’ll leave the details below. The interior decor was amazing! I kid you not. The space was full of light and was absolutely pleasant to the eye. Personally that’s one of the  first thing that attract me to a place, if the space doesn’t give me some sort of vibe I wold be reluctant to eat there. The menu is the second thing. Mercado aced both.

I normally do some quick research before splashing my coins at a new eatery. This is especially so when I’m in Nairobi. I’ll tell you why; there are so many new eateries cropping up in this city that I feel like most are just out for profit. It’s not easy getting  a place that will be visually appealing, have an amazing ambiance and great food all at one go, thus it’s very important for me to look out for reviews and or other people’s opinions before trying out a new place.  Plus I also tend to eat out a lot so its good to know where to and not to splurge.



Mercado lived up to my expectations. Or maybe it was the kid in me who got excited with the swing benches! Nonetheless I’d give it  a 10/10 for great service and excellent portioned food. I had  some delicious chops that came with veggies on the side and baby potatoes. The order also came with a choice of three sauces, the salsa was my favorite. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and family over some delicious food or dessert. I definitely recommend  Mercado. Thank me later xx


location: Terrace (T) Floor, Kenrail Towers South Wing, Ring Road Parklands, Nairobi

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Sex in the city III 🌃

Disclaimer: content contains nudity and other sexual content that might be deemed offensive. Proceed with that in mind. Furthermore, the art is a representation of the Artists views, not my own. 

This exhibtion took place at Alliance Francais, Nairobi and it was by Micheal Soi & Ogonga Thom. There are two other series’s before this one that I missed. I loved the theme because it portrays the ‘social ills’ , so to say, in our societies today across the globe.!

They portrayed issues such as courtship, perceived liberation that comes with certain sexual status, sex as a tool of uplifting one’s economical status and same sex relations. 

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I visited the African heritage house a while back and been meaning to do a post about it. This place gets 100% when it comes to aesthetic value! It’s beautiful.

The house is located around Mlolongo, Mombasa Road,Kenya and is a great place to spend the day, sightseeing. It  is available for tours, meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinners on the rooftop or by the refreshing pool), conferences/functions, as well as overnight stays in its luxurious rooms, filled with African art and furnishings with modern appointments.

Here are a few pictures I took and I’ve also posted the websites link down below for those who want further information about the place 😊

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Direct link –


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Whenever you hear of Mombasa the first thing that pops into your mind is white sandy beaches and clear blue skies, right?

Well I will tell you right now that there is a lot more to that quaint little town than that… Mombasa has so much to offer in terms of culture, food and surprisingly, nature!

My sister and I were in Mombasa for vacation this August and one lovely sunny afternoon we decided to visit an animal sancturay about a 15 minutes drive from home.I had heard so much about the place that I had to experience for myself. It is called Nguuni Nature Sanctuary, located 4km from Lafarge Bamburi Cement on the Nguu Tatu Hills; the amazing sanctuary is the home to many species. Including Giraffes, elands, oryx, waterbucks, ostriches and many species of birds have made Nguuni their home. Large Doum Palm crowned by Leopard Orchids are scattered in the grassland.

Ps. If you’re not a scaredy cat myself, try hand feeding the giraffes. It’s allowed!

Below are some pictures,

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Never have I come across such a raw and artistic display drawn from ones figment of imagination as this one- truly the mind is a powerful thing. 

It’s unlike me to stop and admire activities in town, especially midtown where all the pickpocket’s and idlers seem to lurk. (As much as some people may term this a stereotype or propaganda, those whose phones have been snatched can attest to it). On this particular occasion, the colorful displays hanging gallantly on a metal mesh backdrop caught my eye; i had to go see for myself. 

A cheerful young lady by the name Wambui approached me and was more than eager to answer my queries, which I had plenty of lol After a considerably lengthy chat with her I got to learn that she was an aspiring fashion photographer… let me spare you the mushy mushy bit and just say that I was impressed.
Now let me tell you about this amazing project called ‘My Maasai’ through their pictures, they invoked so many emotions in me that I didn’t know even existed 😄 For a moment I even contemplated joining the photography bandwagon ~a tiny tiny moment~ 
If anyone will be interested in the full length stories behind these photos kindly do check out their website below.I simply didn’t want to overshadow the purpose by going into too much detail. 

As for the students at De-capture, thanks for inspiring me 👏🏾 and for sharing your talent with Nairobi- more so the World. You guys are amazing!! 

Love and love 

Location Nairobi CBD

Photography by yours truly


Weekend Discovery: Picazzo

By show of hands; how many of you like Italian food? Personally I’m not crazyy about it though i do admire their attention to detail when it comes to bringing out flavors. However, i find the mixture of ingredients a bit overwhelming, say a boiled egg in the middle of a pizza 😁 (yap!!) 

So i was out on Saturday with a friend of mine at a mall and we decided to go for sundowners, we quickly skimmed through the restaurants within the vicinity and settled on this one. It’s so easy to see why 😍😍

When my friend went to the washroom I decided to play him and instead of getting alcoholic drinks i got us juice 😂😂 –should have seen his face when he tried it-  They turned out to be pretty good! They even threw in a few bitings as we waited for our drinks to be served. 

Piccazo is a beautiful and intimate place especially for family dinners and dates. The ambiance was all sorts of amazing and not forgetting the impacable service from the staff. I definitely recommend it 👌🏽Shall visit them again soon and do a menu review. 

Here are a few pictures i took at Piccazo, which is located at the hub Karen. 

Comment below and let me know how your weekend was . 😊


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Hi loves, 

How is the second week of January going for you? Personally I’m stocked. Between early morning classes, gym and volunteer work within school i feel overwhelmed 😅 I’m just praying that time flies and i get over with this semester. 

This past Sunday a friend and I decided to go watch Star Wars: Rogue One at the theater, we got there a bit late therefore had to wait for the next showtime which was in like 2 hours. To kill time we decided to chill at this cosy cafe inside the mall called Moca Loca. 

The cafe has a rustic feel to it which makes it stand out. Their menu also had a good range, from pastries to breakfast dishes. I opted to try the fish fingers as it’s a light snack. They didn’t disappoint 👌🏽😊

The fish fingers came with a side dip of mayonnaise which was soo good

We also tried their cocktails, i had a Cosmopolitan which was tasty and my pal had a Flaming Russian

I’ll definitely be going back to this cafe, especially after a long day at Uni 😁 

LOCATION: Garden City Mall, Third Floor (Nairobi)

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