Nairobi Restaurant Week 2018 💥 TheBigElephant Review

Ladies and gentlemen, drum rolls please... The much anticipated Nairobi Restaurant Week  graced us with it’s presence once more! For my non Kenyan friends who are wondering what I’m rumbling on about, don’t fret. It shall all be revealed.  😄 Every year in Nairobi there’s a designated week for Restaurant sampling or ‘hopping’ as I [...]


My culinary trip to Mexico

Hi loves, I hope that we are all doing great this festive season? Cannot begin to wrap my fingers around the fact that we are a few weeks shy of 2018! (Well I can, but it's just a tad bit overwhelming).  😀 I was out one Sunday on what I'd call my 'foodie runs' to [...]

Sex in the city III 🌃

Disclaimer: content contains nudity and other sexual content that might be deemed offensive. Proceed with that in mind. Furthermore, the art is a representation of the Artists views, not my own.  This exhibtion took place at Alliance Francais, Nairobi and it was by Micheal Soi & Ogonga Thom. There are two other series’s before this [...]


Hi loves, I visited the African heritage house a while back and been meaning to do a post about it. This place gets 100% when it comes to aesthetic value! It's beautiful. The house is located around Mlolongo, Mombasa Road,Kenya and is a great place to spend the day, sightseeing. It  is available for tours, meals [...]